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Our belief is that art exposure shared as a family creates life long art goers. This can transcend to all forms of art, visual or performing.

We offer various levels of consulting, from an awareness map for possibilities up to a throughout creation and integration plan, for events, desired outreach, financial analysis and long term growth planning. Each program is tailored to the needs and resources of each organisation.

Our services expand to opera companies, orchestras, chamber music ensembles, museums, art galleries and theatre groups.

Our current clients include organisations in Toronto and New York. We are available to work with any international organisation and can provide services in English and French.

Through our 10 years of running events for young families, we simply love to share our experience and discuss possibilities. Give us a call and we would love to go over your needs. Our fees are in-line with the size of the organization and are often on a time donation basis.

Contact Veronika Roux-Vlachova at or 416-830-7335 for more details